A beggar


A Beggar. Lubitel 166, Kodak T-Max 100


I’m not particularly fond of taking pictures of homeless and destitute people. When it comes to ethics in street photography this demographics is one of the most controversial topics. And one of the most popular to shoot as well. And as long as I don’t want to make any statement with my pictures I prefer not to opt for this quick-n-easy street scene. (Eric Kim has got a very good video about ethics in street photography)

But this photo is an exception. The building behind is the headquarters of one of the largest oil companies in Russia, so the opposition or contrast here is kinda obvious. Something along the line of poor-rich etc. When I saw this woman I thought “well, that’s just symbolic. Russia is one of the biggest oil countries in the world, and those companies earn billions of dollars, and almost every one of them belongs to the government at least partially. So how come there is no proper social care and help for these people?”

Another way of looking at this photo, considering the background, is that the woman begs the rich in that building for some money.

You can think of your own message as well, so I’m not going to go deep into the analysis. Just let me know what you think of this shot in the comments.


Accidental series pt. 3

Well, guess what? Another (almost) accidental series. This time, it is definitely connected to the previous one here, as the topic is books again. I said it’s almost accidental because several pictures here were made at an open-street book festival in Moscow a couple of years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life





This is a small pedestrian street near the underground entrance in Moscow. I was going somewhere when I saw this boy standing in the corner deep into his thoughts. He was so unnoticeable to the flow of people going in and out of the metro station, and I tried to reflect it in the composition. There are many people in the photo to look at and imagine their stories, but it’s really this boy who was worth the shot for me.

The runner-by

The runner-by.
The runner-by.


All the lucky chances came at once when I took this picture. First, I just waited for anyone to pass by the house and she appeared: playful and curious. Second, she didn’t just rush through the scene but made that jump onto the pavement and looked into my direction!

Oh, once I pushed the button I knew it gonna be a great shot. And to hell with some blurriness.