Did you miss me?

http://www.ivanpilov.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/black-dog-1024x656.jpg Kodak Eastman Double-X 200 Boy, it’s been a long time! I don’t even want to check how long, the number wouldn’t matter really, it’s the feeling. And it feels like forever since I developed a roll of film. It also feels good to be doing it again after all this time.... Continue reading - http://bit.ly/2ElqTuj


Film Photography and Video Games


I love video games. I don’t write about them here obviously but I’d say I love playing as much as taking pictures. Usually they compete for those bits of free time I get, and there’s no way I could do both at the same time. Unless I start taking photos in games, which is a thing of beauty on its own if you know how to do it properly, and I don’t. Moreover, my photography is mostly film and one would argue there’s no way you can both shoot film and play games.

Well, that someone hasn’t seen the Continuos City project by Gareth Damian Martin. I stumbled on an article about it at Kotaku UK and was blown away.

Just look at these photos:

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