an-elevator-lookI could start this About page telling that I’ve been into photography since my childhood when my father first let me into his darkroom. But being only partly true it’s not when I started taking pictures, and I believe it really doesn’t matter when.

What matters is joy and fun that I get from doing this. Why street photography? I just like it, like the idea of snapping a piece of life around, unique moments and ordinary things.

Another significant part of my interest into photography is film. I’m sure that film is better than digital in ways of transferring not just visual information but also something more metaphysical, like an atmosphere of the picture. Film is also fun to work with, it may be unpredictable or quite merciful to an amateur like me. Moreover, I’m sure film is the best thing for street photography.


You can also find some of my works on my portfolio website as well as contact me from there.


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